The Topographic Age

In the 30,000 years since the first migration from their ancestral homeland, the technologically advanced people known as Topographers have travelled to every part of the world and established great cities to house and protect their accumulated knowledge.  But in that time they have become isolated, unwilling to share their skills with the thriving populations that have built up around them.  In this world, lost topographers will lead a precarious existence while feral mercenaries and ancient gods struggle to survive in a world of extremes.

On this page you will find a guide to the science fiction and fantasy works of J C Rolls.  These include one novel and two short stories, all of which take place during the Topographic Age.  Below you will find links to the short stories and to a sample chapter from the novel.  

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The Bears 

Of Abarask

The Living Goddess of Manastra

Click above to read a sample chapter from the novel, Jovi: The Lost Topographer

Jovi is the ten-year-old daughter of the Chief Topographer of the city of Ezima, which, at the start of the novel, is in the process of being sacked by the army of the self-styled prophet Niseah.  Wrenched from her sheltered existence, Jovi finds refuge with the peoples that her own society has left behind.  Relentlessly pursued, exploited and betrayed, the young Topographer must uncover the secrets of her civilization in a conflict where she alone holds the key to its ultimate survival or destruction.

This is a 92 thousand word adventure suitable for a Young Adult readership.  Artwork by Sean Cocklin.

Click above to go to the short story, The Bears of Abarask.  

This is a horror/adventure story for adults, set in a frozen but rapidly thawing landscape where the petty ambitions of violent men are thrown up against a much older and more dangerous evil.

Click above to be taken to the short story, The Living Goddess of Manastra.

For Ochia, life as a sixteen-year-old girl in a remote mountain castle is hard enough, but being a living goddess whose feet must never be allowed to touch the ground can make things extremely complicated indeed.  

Part light-hearted romance, part martial arts thriller, this short story is suitable for a young adult audience.